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K A K Y O I N  S Q U A D 


K A K Y O I N  S Q U A D 

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I hope none of you object to this cover

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Who is your favorite female lead in a Tales of game and why?



Colette! I love Milla a lot, but the amount of character growth Colette experiences is fantastic. In that scene on the morning after Flanoir, Lloyd tells her she can’t go to the final fight for fear she’ll be kidnapped (or worse) and she argues with him because she wants to go, even if that means…

I agree with Colette! But my preference goes to Raine Sage (Tales of Symphonia).

When I first played, I didn’t really like her. I thought she was just the “adult woman” of the group and I really didn’t like her behaviour when Colette was becoming an Angel (she said that as a scientist she was fascinated by her transformation while Colette was suffering).

But after playing again and again, I started to love this character because she is the one who made Lloyd evolving, reflecting. When she sacrified herself at the Tower of Salvation, she said to him that “living on without hope is worse than death, don’t you think?” He replied that he didn’t understand and so she told him “think about what it means for a person to live. That’s my final lesson to you as your teacher.” She helped Llyod to understand how important hope was into a life. I’m conviced that her speech made him cogitated and so, he was prepared when Kratos wanted to kill himself at Origin’s seal. He was finally able to understand how Kratos felt after losing Anna (who had brought back hope in his eternal life) and so was able to give him hope again.

"In order to change the world, I must first change myself." In that quote, Rain summed up all the game. At the beginning, Llyod was full of vengeance, arrogant, hot-head and finally, he evolved and became an idealist, a pacifist. It’s the same thing for Raine who finally was able to admit who she was and managed to defeat her weakness (all the Virginia’s quest). Raine always hid that her and her brother were Half-Elves, and pretended to be Elves. If I remember well, once Genis said that Humans were stupid and Raine slapped him. She wanted to Elves, Humans and all those in between to live in harmony, and so, tried to always acting peacefully towards the people. At Magnus’s ranch, when Genis was hesitating about making the ranch explode, she said "remember, we are not like them." At this time, the group and the gamer thought that she was speaking about the fact that Raine and her brother were Elves and Magnus and the Desians, Half-Elves. But in fact, when the true nature of Raine and Genis is discovered, her sentence has another meaning. She meant that they were different because they acted differently. Her weakness was that she was not strong enough to face the truth and admit that she was a Half-Elf. But she fought against it when she revealed the truth to the group at the Bridge, she fought against it when she met her mother, she fought against it and finally defeated her weakness at Welgaia with the mirror. Finally she was able to admit who she was and even said that she was "glad" to be a Half-Elf.

"In order to change the world, I must first change myself."

Mithos couldn’t change himself, and so couldn’t change the world.

Llyod and Raine could change themselves and so, managed to change the world.

That’s why Raine is my favorite female lead!

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Tales of Text Posts inspired by all those other text post posts

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me in the delivery room holding my newborn child

mom: please don't give him one of your weeaboo names
me: Joseph
mom: oh thank goodness
me: after my favorite JoJo
mom: goddamn it
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